Who We Are
About Marbit Air Club

Marbit Air Club is a bitcoin investment and mining platform that offers a variety of investment decisions. Marbit Air Club makes efficient use of your invested capital on the stock exchange market to acquire positive assets that will yield good profit, then trade on Forex trading by experts and the mine for more bitcoin with ASIC Our investment platform trades for a minimum of one week, and there request weekly payouts and continue for a minimum of 32 weeks [8 months], while our trading is for a month minimum All we earn back is 10% from all Asset, trading and Mining, Invest in customised premium for your long term goals. Our automated investment premiums are designed and managed for optimal performance and even offer account protection

Simply put, We bets that the value of investments will either rise or fall. This "seat of the pants" trading, based on research and executed on instinct. We study our targets, letting the movements of the various financial markets and our participants dictate our trades.
We refer to the philosophy behind our trading strategy as reflexivity. The theory eschews traditional ideas of an equilibrium-based market environment where all information is known to all market participants and thereby factored into prices. Instead, We believe that market participants themselves directly influence market fundamentals, and that their irrational behavior leads to booms and busts that present investment opportunities.